Author: NoDeportation

1. Interview Regensburger Dombesetzung

Interview mit einer der Aktivist*innen, die den Regensburger Dom vom 5.7. – 11.7.16 besetzten.

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protestcamp bamberg


Solidarity4All - against outlawing and deportation camps 
(german version)
Protest camp on 4.-7. of August 2016
"Refugees welcome" was the call last summer. Since then much has happened. Asylum laws were massively tightened, the number of racist attacks on
refugee camp increased, the EU-refugee-deal with Turkey marks a new climax of European policies of foreclosure. The increasing brutality
of deportation policies and outlawing do not only affect refugees at the EU-border but also here in Germany. In September 2015 two so-called arrival and repatriation centers (ARE)
were established in Bavaria - in Manching/Ingolstadt and in Bamberg.
People in these camps are being marginalized, disfranchised and deported. We want to express our solidarity with refugees in public action. This
summer we are going to show our protest on the streets - in form of a protest camp in Bamberg.
Join the protest - join the camp on 4. to 7. of august 2016 in Bamberg.


Protestcamp Bamberg


04. bis 07. August 2016 – ARE Bamberg

Ein Bündnis aus mehreren Organisationen aus Nürnberg, Bamberg, München, Göttingen, Erlangen, Fürth, Dresden und anderen Städten wird im August ein mehrtägiges antirassistisches Protestcamp vor der Ankunfts- und Rückführungseinrichtung in Bamberg mit Kundgebung vor dem Lager, Demo durch Bamberg und Protestaktionen in der Innenstadt durchführen.