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The European society in 21st century which is privileged by discriminating structures has the least responsibility of acknowledging it that the dichotomy of privileged and detriment are inseparable. As it is every society’s fundamental human responsibility, the European society has to see this detriment and step towards equality, justice and freedom.

We, the authors of this statement and the readers, are aware of the existence of war, terror, exploitation of humans, animals and nature, poverty, hunger, thirst, sectarianism in the world in which we all live. We know our world -a world based on racism, capitalism, patriarchy, ableism etc. which cause extreme forms of inequality. This existence form of our world, with this mechanisms and structures functioning in it, is producing the subjective definition of “safe” and “unsafe” and consequently the phenomenon of immigration. The European political system’s arrogance -caused by a long privileged past-history and present- ignores the mechanisms made by this system in other parts of the world and their functions. The immigration is a very clear form of an appeal against these mechanisms and the first step where the European policies get involved in order to find an answer for the problems elsewhere.

The simplification of the immigration question and the answer by European asylum policies lead to massive suppression through the border system, with the help of armies, barbed wires, tear gases, controlling systems, prisons and most important by depoliticizing the matter.

The refugees who arrived here are those who have been deprived of having a life, have taken the way to safety, haven’t sank in the sea, haven’t starved in deserts and mountains and could have passed the borders “protected” by the armies and the Frontex against them. They are the ones who achieved the destination with resisting against a powerful world trying to stop them on each of their steps. They lived through a fight and we, as the privileged already living in others’ destination, have to be aware of our role in this fight and take the appropriate position. We, the authors of this article, believe that there are many structures which should be addressed, discussed, fought against and changed in the immigration context but the most necessary and elementary question which must be answered is: “what is going on to the people who achieved it to be here?” We believe that we have to know and acknowledge our privileged position and organize ourselves politically in order to have an appropriated answer to it.

The campaign NO DEPORTATION NOWHERE is an association of groups and individuals of different Bavarian cities. It aims addressing inhuman deportation policies of federal state and federal government with a high publicity effect and taking appropriate collective actions against them.

We consider the societal discourse about recent refugee policies’ absurdity to be way behind time. It Includes a distinct critique of the arbitrary classification of safe and unsafe countries of origin. The policies related to it such as deportation-camps/centers (in Bamberg/Manching/Ingolstadt) and deportations in general have to be opposed.